Babylon 5 Magazine Volume 2 #13


Volume 2, Issue 13
Cover Date: July 1999
Publisher: Titan Magazines
Page Count: 68

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ISN NEWS: News on the return of Babylon 5 – of sorts – plus comments from some of the Crusade crew on the series’ unexpected cancellation and an exclusive interview with “Day of the Dead” write Neil Gaiman!

MEET THE NEW BOSS: An introduction to Crusade’s new Captain, Gary Cole.

URBAN SPACEMAN: For six years in the service of Babylon 5, Jerry Doyle spent the lion’s share of his time pretending to be a spaceman. Michael Garibaldi. Now that the show has come to an end and the cast has moved on, what is Mr. Doyle up to?

THE GREAT MACHINE: Answering your questions about Babylon 5 and Crusade.

STATION LOG: “WAR ZONE”: Behind the scenes on the making of the second Crusade premiere…

VIDEODROME: Behind-the-scenes features focusing on B5 episodes released on video this month in the UK, including an interview with actress Julie Caitlin Brown.

FROM THE SET: Continuing our exclusive snapshots on the making of upcoming episodes of Crusade.

ZOCALO: Your guide to the latest Babylon 5 merchandise releases.

LINES OF COMMUNICATION: Your letters on all things Babylon 5 and beyond, plus information on what you can do in the campaign to save Crusade…

THE LAST WORD: Final comment from series creator J. Michael Straczynski.


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