Book of Lost Souls (The) #05


Written by J. Michael Straczynski. Penciled by Colleen Doran.

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The destinies of most people are defined early on. Then there are the others-the lost. Those whose numbers aren’t in yet, who could go toward the light or toward the darkness-indeed, who could be tipped one direction or another. Jonathan has been watching hitman Quint lean so far towards the darkness that now the mobster is plummeting into an abyss of his own sins. Quint’s bargain with the Dark Man has also caught Jonathan’s attention and led both himself and the killer to the ethereal zone known as the Long Road. Now, Jonathan must stop just observing and finally act, because two lives are in danger-that of a prostitute who could be Quint’s next victim, and Quint himself, whose soul may already be too tainted to salvage. But if Jonathan intervenes, he risks a confrontation with the demonic Dark Man and a series of consequences that could shatter everything he hopes to accomplish.

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