"And somewhere, there in the distance, they heard a strange noise, like the sound of an ancient and long-sealed vault being slowly opened...."

The Story of TheJoeStore.com

J. Michael Straczynski—creator of Babylon 5 and Sense8, writer for such movies as Clint Eastwood’s Changeling and over a dozen comic book titles from The Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer Requiem to Thor, Rising Stars to Dream Police—has teamed with Jason Davis—of HarlanEllisonBooks.com and long-time editor at B5Books.com—to offer hitherto unimagined treasures from his own private vault via TheJoeStore.com.

“For years I’ve had all these near-mint-condition artifacts from Babylon 5 and elsewhere under wraps,” Straczynski said, “thinking I might eventually donate them to a museum, but after thirty years of thought – I’m very deliberate that way – it seems to me that the best destination would be the hands of fellow fans who could appreciate them. This is particularly important since Amazon and Comet have brought along a lot of new fans who never had the chance to buy any of these now-unavailable treats. That these fans weren’t around In The Beginning shouldn’t preclude them from owning the cool stuff that was created for viewers at the height of the show’s original run.

“However, as a fan myself, I didn’t want to go through Ebay or other high-priced auction sites because the whole point is to get these items, many of which have been unavailable for years, into the hands of fans in a way that’s affordable. So Jason came along with this solution.

“All of these items are from my own private collection, from TV series and other projects I’ve done, preserved as I first got them. Most of these items can’t be found at all online, or would be in poor condition. These are mostly mint, still in the box mementos, paraphernalia, collectibles, toys, books and other rarities. In most cases there are only a few of each item, so when they’re gone, they’re gone, and the final chance to get these long-lost treasures will come to an end.”